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DMEPOS Accreditation:

ACHC prides itself in being a leader for Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) Accreditation. See all of ACHC's DMEPOS Accreditation services below.

Home/Durable Medical Equipment (HME)

HME service is the delivery, set up and/or maintenance of medical equipment and/or oxygen as well as education regarding the use of the equipment. 

Clinical Respiratory Care Service (CRCS)

CRCS is provided by a licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner, Respiratory Therapist (RT) or appropriate licensed professional.  CRCS is on-going hands-on care of the client/patient that may include an assessment, treatment, disease management, and/or education of a respiratory condition. 

Medical Supply Provider (MSP)

MSP service is the storage and delivery of medical supplies designed to meet the needs of the client/patient requiring products in the home care setting.  A physician generally prescribes these supplies.  These items provided are usually disposable or semi-durable in nature. 

Complex Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Supplier (RTS)

RTS service is defined as the application of enabling technology systems designed to meet the needs of a specific person experiencing any permanent or long-term loss or abnormality of physical or anatomical structure or function. The equipment prescribed by a physician, primarily addresses wheeled mobility, seating and alternative positioning, ambulation support and equipment, environmental control, augmented communication and other equipment that assists the patient in performing daily living activities.  

Fitter (FS)

FS includes orthotic/prosthetic fitting of a variety of products such as diabetic shoes, soft orthotic appliances and post-mastectomy breast prostheses.

Community Retail (CR)

CR service is provided in retail stores that sell prescription medications and commonly used durable medical equipment and supplies to the consumer.  These items include:
      • Commodes/Urinals. DM02
      • Blood Glucose Monitors. DM05
      • Heat and Cold Applications. DM08
      • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS). DM22
      • Canes and Crutches. M01
      • Seat Lift Mechanisms. M04
      • Walkers. M05
      • Orthoses off the Shelf. OR03
      • Penile Pumps. OR04
      • Ostomy Supplies. PD06
      • Tracheostomy Supplies. PD08
      • Urological Supplies. PD09
      • Enteral Nutrients. PE03
      • Nebulizer and Supplies. R07
      • Surgical Dressings. S01
      • Wheelchairs - Standard Manual. M06
      • Wheelchairs - Standard Manual Related Accessories. M06A
      • Wheelchair Seating/Cushions. M10

Community Retail with Fitter Services (CRDS)

CRDS service is provided in retail pharmacies that sell prescription medications and commonly used durable medical equipment and supplies to the consumer with the addition of providing fitter services to include:
      • Diabetic Shoes (off the shelf). S02
      • Diabetic Shoes (custom). S03
      • Breast Prostheses and Accessories. PD01

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DMEPOS Testimonials

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  • “I can’t say enough good things about ACHC. It was like having a surveyor and a consultant at the same time. Our surveyor’s wealth of knowledge was second to none. I was given clear, concise advice on how to go forward and why I needed to do it, and what the positive result would come from it.  That’s what this process should be about and I commend him and ACHC for that approach.”

    Allcare Medical Supply Corp.
    Millbury, MA
  • “I have been involved with accreditation with other accreditors since 1978 and I found ACHC to be the most user-friendly by far.”

    First Choice Home Medical
    Bowling Green, KY
  • “I've been through other accreditors and have full experience with them. When ACHC came around, I knew this was the company for me. It was so different than anything else that was out there. I chose ACHC and I have been with ACHC ever since. It was a totally different feeling - we were not scared. We felt like this was a team effort between ACHC and our company. I do believe it made us better and made our business operations better.”

    Medshare, Inc.
    Hendersonville, NC
  • “I did the accreditation process with others before, so I know what the whole thing is really like. I would be so happy to go through ACHC many more times. I know that sounds crazy, but ACHC has made us better as a company. I liked the standards of ACHC the best out of all the accreditors. I would never go anywhere else and was thrilled to be working with them. ACHC has the best process out of anyone out there. I was very satisfied with the process, our Account Advisor and the customer service that I received with ACHC.”

    Village Medical Supply, LLC
  • “I could ramble on about the differences we experienced that were positive, but the bottom line is that I would recommend ACHC to any company that is seeking accreditation.”

    Virginia Home Medical
    Newport News, VA
  • “We would highly recommend any company previously accredited by other accreditors to consider ACHC as an option. Although we have always passed other accreditors’ accreditation, the process of preparing for and participating in the ACHC program was much more pleasurable.”

    Advantage Medical, Inc.
    Nassawadox, VA
  • “They are not the standard, run of the mill accreditor. They really bring it down to the customer level and assist the customer every step of the way. You just don't see this type of service out there, and I've been through other accreditors in the past. There is a world of difference.” 
    Qualimed Respiratory & Mobility
    Winter Haven, FL
  • “I think ACHC is much different than some of the other accrediting bodies out there. I really value the approach and the importance that they place on the customer. We felt that it was a real partnership, rather than them telling us what to do and how to do it.”

    Med Emporium LLC
    Charlotte, NC
  • “I've been through other accreditors in the past and ACHC has a totally different way of doing the accreditation process. Some others have been extremely difficult to deal with. We felt that we were lost in the actual process with them—we felt that they had a more punitive and negative system. However, I really believe ACHC’s unique culture makes a difference and an impact.. ACHC is different because of the way they have ties to their customers and really want us to learn and succeed.”

    Access Diabetic Supply
    Deerfield Beach, FL
  • “I've been through other accrediting companies and we know the difference in the way ACHC approaches the industry.”

    Mobility Medical
    Flowood, MS
  • “We were with another accrediting body and it was painful and rude with them most of the time. Your folks were professional, to the point and likeable." 

    Quest Medical Services
    Diamondhead, MS
  • “I have been through many, many other surveys in my career with other accrediting bodies. I always felt they were more "busy work" than value to my companies. In the end I always asked myself if my company was better for the experience, and never felt that was the case. This was my first experience of accreditation with ACHC. I felt we added value to our company, and gained from the experience.”

    Dependable Medical Equipment, Inc.
    Tucson, AZ

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