Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation

Established in 2007 by eight of the nation’s leading pharmacy organizations, Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) offers the most comprehensive compliance solution in the industry, with standards based on U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) guidelines. PCAB assesses pharmacies that compound medications whether in the retail, hospital, mail order, or closed door setting. This includes the combining, mixing, or altering of drug ingredients to create a medication pursuant to a prescription order for an individually identified patient. An extensive on-site survey conducted by an independent expert and annual verification ensures compliance with the non-sterile and sterile pharmacy compounding process defined by USP <795> and USP <797>.


PCAB Accreditation in combination with the pharmacy’s commitment to continuous compliance significantly reduces the risk associated with compounding medications and demonstrates a commitment to meeting the highest industry standards for quality and safety.


In 2014 PCAB Accreditation became a service of Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). The alignment of the organizations ensures that safety and compliance needs are met in the most efficient and effective manner.

The PCAB Accreditation process allowed us to examine our technique, equipment and training processes. At every turn we found an opportunity to improve. Our pharmacy is healthier for our employees with clearly stated high expectations.

PCAB Surveyors are Licensed Pharmacist

Compliance with the Highest Industry Standards

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Accreditation Made Simple

ACHC's accreditation process is designed to help you quickly and easily achieve accreditation:

Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation Services

ACHC's nationally recognized services include:

*The provider must have PCAB Accreditation to earn a Distinction in Hazardous Drug Handling.

The Value of PCAB Accreditation:



PCAB Accreditation meets compliance requirements for a growing number of payors, networks, and regulatory bodies.



In achieving PCAB Accreditation, pharmacies benefit from consistent practices that result in improved safety, efficiency, and quality of care.



Adherence to PCAB standards helps pharmacies maintain compliance with all applicable USP guidelines.



PCAB Accreditation allows pharmacies to distinguish themselves among their competitors by demonstrating a commitment to compliance with USP compounding standards as well as industry best practices.



PCAB’s educational approach to accreditation enhances business operations, helps inform effective strategies, and improves patient outcomes through evidence-based best practices.



PCAB facilitates a standardized level of service that includes sound procedures, documentation, and training to ensure consistent performance across the entire organization.

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