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Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) process for accreditation for initial licensure of Home Health Agencies

Part One:

  • Register for ACHC Accreditation standards at
  • Standards online Submit a completed ACHC Application.
  • Submit a completed Preliminary Evidence Report (PER).
  • Submit a $1,500 deposit.

Part Two:

  • Submit an Application to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). See DHSS requirements for application
  • Wait for notification from the Missouri Bureau of Home Care and Rehabilitative Standards (BHCRS) that application is complete and has been accepted.
  • Successfully complete a OASIS test and transmission (If seeking Medicare Certification).
  • Inform ACHC when the above 3 steps are complete.

Part Three:

  • ACHC will contact provider when ACHC receives notification from BHCRS that provider’s application has been accepted.
  • ACHC will conduct a one-day announced licensure survey to review provider’s policies, procedures, state and OSHA requirements, etc.
  • ACHC will notify the provider and BHCRS with the results of the licensure survey.
  • A successful survey will allow agency to begin developing a patient case load.

Part Four:

  • Submit an 855a application with CMS (agencies seeking Medicare Certification).
  • Obtain written documentation that the 855a application has been approved and submit copy to ACHC.
  • Acquire minimum patient caseload: 10 served 7 active at time of second accreditation survey.
  • Provide a minimum of two services with one being skilled nursing (SN).

Part Five:

  • Conduct an unannounced survey within approximately three to six months after ACHC’s Account Advisor has been notified in writing that provider has completed all of the above steps.
  • If survey results in an approval decision, the provider will be granted accreditation for three years.
  • ACHC will notify provider and BHCRS of its accreditation decision in writing.
  • If any of the above requirements are not completed, the second survey will not be conducted.

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Home Health Testimonials

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  • “With other accreditors, we never felt like they were 100% there for us; some of them had their own agendas. With ACHC, we really felt that their services added value to our organization and we felt that their approach was both educational and supportive. We felt that it really did make a difference for us. I have recommended ACHC to many of my contacts because I felt that ACHC set itself apart from the standard accrediting bodies out there.”

    Health & Homecare of Erwin, Inc.
    Erwin, TN
  • “I've had experiences with other accreditation bodies and this was much better and much more comfortable for companies like ours. It was done in a very friendly professional, easy-going manner. ACHC sends people who are ready to help us and willing to listen to us. The goal is to make us better and that's what we walked away with. We recommend ACHC to many others.”

    Resilience Home Health Corp.
    Elgin, IL
  • “This accreditation process was very smooth and educational. Our surveyor was wonderful. She was very kind and the staff felt very comfortable with her. She had some good insights which she shared with us during the entire survey. We could not have been more pleased.”

    Amedisys, Inc.
    Baton Rouge, LA
  • “Having been through numerous accreditations with various agencies, I can state without reservation, ACHC has been the most beneficial. Their surveyors have always been cordial and respectful of my staff, going out of their way to assure them ACHC was there to educate and guide us, not reprimand us. All of my expectations of a quality accrediting agency have been exceeded by ACHC, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

    Marc Leonard
    RCP Arcadia Healthcare
  • “I've been through accreditation before with other accreditors many times. And ACHC is an educational process versus an adversarial approach. I think this is what defines and separates ACHC from the others--this unique way of providing accreditation services. ACHC approaches this as a "real world" situation and that shows. ACHC is truly different from what's out there and I appreciated that.”

    Arcadia H.O.M.E.
    Winston-Salem, NC

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