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DMEPOS Accreditation Process

1. Create a Customer Central Account

Your first step in the accreditation process is to create your Customer Central Account, where you will have access to all of the tools needed to achieve and maintain ACHC accreditation. Once you have registered your account, you will have the ability to select ACHC standards, complete an online application, and access all of ACHC’s accreditation resources. Your organization will also receive a personal Account Advisor who will serve as your consistent point of contact throughout the entire process.

2. Download ACHC Standards

The next step in the process is to download the ACHC standards relevant to the programs and services you provide. Your Customer Central account will provide you access to preview and purchase ACHC standards. By purchasing, you will gain unlimited access to ACHC standards.

3. Submit the Required Documents

ACHC requires the following five items to be completed before scheduling your survey:
  • Online Application
    The online application is found on your Customer Central account. Here, you have the ability to complete the entire application process in one, easy-to-use interface.

  • Deposit
    Quickly and securely submit your accreditation deposit through Customer Central.

  • Accreditation Agreement
    Review and return your signed Accreditation Agreement (contract) to ACHC.

  • Payment Method
    Schedule your payments by selecting the payment method of choice for the remaining accreditation balance.

  • Preliminary Evidence Report (PER)
    The PER allows your organization to submit select documentation to ACHC for review prior to the accreditation survey. This step provides supporting evidence to demonstrate your organization’s understanding of, and compliance with, ACHC standards.

4. Scheduling the Survey

Surveys are scheduled once the Accreditation Agreement (contract) is signed and the PER is submitted. Please note that all surveys are unannounced (with the exception of initial licensure surveys for Home Health agencies). You will have the opportunity to select 10 blackout dates on your application. ACHC will not conduct surveys on your blackout dates or major holidays (as defined in the ACHC Policies and Procedures). Surveyors are selected based on the services your organization provides, and are expertly qualified through professional experience and continuous ACHC training.

5. On-Site Survey

ACHC will notify customers by phone within one or two hours on the day of the survey with identification information about their ACHC Surveyor. The on-site survey consists of the following:
  • A. Opening Conference
  • B. Tour of the Organization
  • C. Data Collection
    • • Personnel record review
    • • Patient record review
    • • Financial/billing records
    • • Service contracts
    • • Risk management
    • • Performance Improvement (PI) activities
    • • Policies and Procedures (P&P)
    • • On-site observations
    • • Personnel and patient interviews
  • D. Closing Conference

6. Post Survey

Following the conclusion of the on-site survey, the ACHC Surveyor submits all of the data collected to the organization’s Account Advisor for processing. The information is entered into an electronic tool that provides data for determining the decision.

Preparing the Summary of Findings

The Summary of Findings (SOF) is prepared, detailing all ACHC standards and corresponding Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) that were marked as a deficiency during the on-site survey. Each ACHC standard marked as a deficiency contains an “Action Required” statement. This assists the organization in preparing a Plan of Correction (POC) to meet the ACHC requirements. Surveyors may include any best practice suggestions in their summary as additional education. These best practice suggestions are not mandatory for the organization, but are recommendations for improvement.

Accreditation Review Committee
All SOFs are analyzed by the appropriate Clinical Manager or designee, and are evaluated by the Accreditation Review Committee to ensure accuracy before a final decision is rendered. The Accreditation Review Committee consists of a minimum of three experts.

7. Accreditation Decisions

There are four possible outcomes for an accreditation decision.

There are no deficiencies found. The organization is compliant with all ACHC standards. Accreditation is granted for three years.

Accreditation Pending
The organization is found to be faulty in one or more standards. The organization submits a Plan of Correction (POC) for all standards that are deficient, and the POC will be reviewed by the Accreditation Review Committee. When a POC is approved, ACHC can issue accreditation to the organization.

The organization is found to be deficient in a number of ACHC standards and/or at least one Medicare Condition of Participation (CoP). The organization submits a Plan of Correction (POC) for all standards that are deficient, and the POC will be reviewed by the Accreditation Review Committee. ACHC will schedule a Dependent survey at the company's expense. Based on the findings of the Dependent survey, a final decision will be made by the Accreditation Review Committee.

The number, scope, and/or severity of deficiencies demonstrate substantial noncompliance with standards. If accreditation is denied, the company has the opportunity to re-apply for Accreditation at any time they believe they are ready for survey.

8. Accreditation Status

Once accreditation is achieved, the organization’s Account Advisor will send an accreditation approval letter and an accreditation certificate by mail. The provider will also have access to the certificate and letter on their Customer Central website. Additionally, the ACHC marketing material and branding standards are available on Customer Central.

If you are seeking initial Medicare certification, ACHC will submit the appropriate paperwork to CMS with a recommendation of Deemed status to the CMS Central Office, CMS Regional Office, and the state in which the organization is located. Your Account Advisor is available to answer any questions you have throughout the entire process.

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DMEPOS Testimonials

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  • “I can’t say enough good things about ACHC. It was like having a surveyor and a consultant at the same time. Our surveyor’s wealth of knowledge was second to none. I was given clear, concise advice on how to go forward and why I needed to do it, and what the positive result would come from it.  That’s what this process should be about and I commend him and ACHC for that approach.”

    Allcare Medical Supply Corp.
    Millbury, MA
  • “I have been involved with accreditation with other accreditors since 1978 and I found ACHC to be the most user-friendly by far.”

    First Choice Home Medical
    Bowling Green, KY
  • “I've been through other accreditors and have full experience with them. When ACHC came around, I knew this was the company for me. It was so different than anything else that was out there. I chose ACHC and I have been with ACHC ever since. It was a totally different feeling - we were not scared. We felt like this was a team effort between ACHC and our company. I do believe it made us better and made our business operations better.”

    Medshare, Inc.
    Hendersonville, NC
  • “I did the accreditation process with others before, so I know what the whole thing is really like. I would be so happy to go through ACHC many more times. I know that sounds crazy, but ACHC has made us better as a company. I liked the standards of ACHC the best out of all the accreditors. I would never go anywhere else and was thrilled to be working with them. ACHC has the best process out of anyone out there. I was very satisfied with the process, our Account Advisor and the customer service that I received with ACHC.”

    Village Medical Supply, LLC
  • “I could ramble on about the differences we experienced that were positive, but the bottom line is that I would recommend ACHC to any company that is seeking accreditation.”

    Virginia Home Medical
    Newport News, VA
  • “We would highly recommend any company previously accredited by other accreditors to consider ACHC as an option. Although we have always passed other accreditors’ accreditation, the process of preparing for and participating in the ACHC program was much more pleasurable.”

    Advantage Medical, Inc.
    Nassawadox, VA
  • “They are not the standard, run of the mill accreditor. They really bring it down to the customer level and assist the customer every step of the way. You just don't see this type of service out there, and I've been through other accreditors in the past. There is a world of difference.” 
    Qualimed Respiratory & Mobility
    Winter Haven, FL
  • “I think ACHC is much different than some of the other accrediting bodies out there. I really value the approach and the importance that they place on the customer. We felt that it was a real partnership, rather than them telling us what to do and how to do it.”

    Med Emporium LLC
    Charlotte, NC
  • “I've been through other accreditors in the past and ACHC has a totally different way of doing the accreditation process. Some others have been extremely difficult to deal with. We felt that we were lost in the actual process with them—we felt that they had a more punitive and negative system. However, I really believe ACHC’s unique culture makes a difference and an impact.. ACHC is different because of the way they have ties to their customers and really want us to learn and succeed.”

    Access Diabetic Supply
    Deerfield Beach, FL
  • “I've been through other accrediting companies and we know the difference in the way ACHC approaches the industry.”

    Mobility Medical
    Flowood, MS
  • “We were with another accrediting body and it was painful and rude with them most of the time. Your folks were professional, to the point and likeable." 

    Quest Medical Services
    Diamondhead, MS
  • “I have been through many, many other surveys in my career with other accrediting bodies. I always felt they were more "busy work" than value to my companies. In the end I always asked myself if my company was better for the experience, and never felt that was the case. This was my first experience of accreditation with ACHC. I felt we added value to our company, and gained from the experience.”

    Dependable Medical Equipment, Inc.
    Tucson, AZ

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